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After years of design, color selection and rigorous testing. Hot Liquid Lures are now available to the public and are changing the way fisherman look at lures! See photos of some Hot Liquid Lures

Custom hand-blown dichroic glass fishing lures are crafted by fisherman for fisherman. Combining old world artistry with new world technology and craftsmanship we create fishing lures that are custom and unique in every way.

Hot Liquid Lures are hand-blown and can be made in any style or color pattern of your favorite fishing lures. Lures can be customized to look more like bait fish and can be made to match any skirt.

Catching winning fish at the Bisbee Black and Blue Tournament
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What People Are Saying

"I've been coming to the Fred Hall Show since I was a little kid. In 2011, I came across Hot Liquid Lures that stopped me in my tracks. Hands down one of the most innovative and creative lures I have ever come across producing fishing shows around the world. If you don't have a few of these on your boat in a fishing tournament you might as well just hand over your money to the boat that does". 

Shea McIntee, Producer
Inside Sportfishing Television

Catching Fish With Hot Liquid LuresA case of Hot Liquid Lures were sent to Cabo San Lucas for their first trial in the Bisbee Black and Blue Tournament. Once in the hands of captains and fishermen, Hot Liquid Lures received an amazing initial reaction. Not only were the lures beautiful to look at but, Hot Liquid Lures catch first-prize winning fish.

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Why Glass?

Hot Liquid Lures are hand-blown custom lures made from the highest quality borosilicate glass on the market today, fused with Dichroic glass. Made from high density glass, Hot Liquid Lures will not be scratched or become dull in color because of repeated teeth or bill strikes.

Textures can easily be created with glass which is extremely important in making lures attractive to fish by increasing the reflection and refraction of light. The textures and depth of hand-blown dichroic glass allow for the reflection and refraction of light that surpasses that of traditional lures.

Mahi Mahi caught with Hot Liquid Lure

While it is difficult to determine what is attractive to a fish, Hot Liquid Lures is convinced that if a lure looks attractive to you, then you have a better chance of catching tournament size big game fish every time you fish.

Do they catch fish? YES!

Mahi Mahi caught in Hawaii using a Hot Liquid Lure. Send us your fish and lure photos and feedback!

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